What Fate Decrees: Oedarian Legends (book one)

Formats: Kindle, Paperback

As if being the target of a sadstic killer wasn’t bad enough. What’s a girl to do when she learns her very existence is meant to trigger the end of the world?
Illianna Jessup is running for her life. When her psychic abilities bring her to the attention of a psychopath, she is forced on a race for survival. Her path crosses that of Jered Knight, a former Navy SEAL. In true hero fashion he comes to her assistance. Together they set out to capture a monster only to learn Illianna has not one but two stallkers.

Prince Ardan of Oedar is also hunting a killer and the trail leads straight to Illianna. One look at her, however, and he knows his quest is far from over. He recognizes her as the daughter of prophecy, a prophecy which foretells the end of not only his world, but of the Earth as well.

Will the love Illianna and Jered share be enough to thwart what fate decrees?

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Publication Date: July 24, 2012

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