Powers of the Gifted: Oedarian Legend (book 2)

Formats: Kindle, Paperback

Prince Kaedan of the mystical realm of Valether is bored. He’s finding his self-imposed exile on Earth to be more tedious than he had expected. Too bad he wasn’t familiar with the old Earth adage of being careful what you wish for.
Intending to find something to do with his time, Kaedan heads to the local library for some inspiration. He finds Faith St. James, a quiet librarian with insecurity in her eyes.

Not one to believe in love at first sight, Kaedan is nevertheless beguiled by the woman. She captures his interest on a multitude of levels. Her charm and intelligence resonate deep with in him, personally, but it is her collection of antique, hand-written journals which might hold the answers to save his world.

As the ancient prophecy moves towards fruition, war seems inevitable. Will Kaedan and Faith be strong enough together to weather the battle.

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Publication Date: July 8, 2014

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